1. SRCC members are reminded that the 2018 Club Calls Contest takes place this coming Saturday 10th November from 2000 – 2300 UTC on 160m. This is one of the AFS Superleague contest series. The rules are at https://www.rsgbcc.org/hf/rules/2018/rclubcalls.shtml

    I will be on from home using my own call.You are encouraged to come on to support the club by either submitting an entry yourself or alternatively coming on and working G3WRR. Please note that working ONLY your own club station is regarded as not terribly sporting so if you work G3WRR please take the trouble to work one or two other stations!

    I look forward to working you…

    73, Quin G3WRR

  2. Not a ‘reply’ as such but I can’t seem to find a ‘new topic’ button or similar. Just wondering if there has been any progress on securing a ‘private site’ access arrangement for members to use? I could do with somewhere this weekend for 5.8GHz….

    • Hi Gareth,
      Sorry but no.
      There is something I’m working on but even it comes to fruition, it will be well into the New Year.

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