SRCC League Table


The SRCC League Table is now approaching the end of its first season, and following inputs from members and some thoughts of its own, the Committee is proposing to make a couple of significant changes to the way it will operate in 2019, with the intention of widening member participation. Although the detailed rules are still being developed, at a top level the changes are:

  • to extend the scope to allow listeners (and also licensed amateurs who are unable or disinclined to transmit) to claim points for hearing amateur stations rather than making contact with them – although more points will be awarded for making contacts
  • to increase the incentive for hearing / working other SRCC members. Under the present rules, double points can be claimed for working a particular country / big square if the station involved is a SRCC member - but since all current SRCC members have an English address and the great majority are in JO01 square, this is a rather low key incentive! As a result, for 2019 “double points for SRCC members” will cease. Instead SRCC members will count as a separate points earning category analogous to the existing DXCC entities and Maidenhead big squares. As such, points can be claimed for each individual SRCC member heard or contacted during the month – a considerably stronger incentive.

Meanwhile, back to October! Entries were received from six members, and the results are tabulated below:


G4WGE 60 43   163
G3EUE 40 4   84
G4FYF 30   1 62
G4LZE 27     54
G3WRR 11 11 1 36
G3 ZPB 10 9 1 32


Alun G4WGE again takes top place followed by Ted G3EUE, whose decision to try out bands other than 10m has clearly paid dividends! And it’s good to see Colin G4LZE back in the list.

Alun’s scoring contacts were all on HF and covered included all the bands except 5, 24 and 28MHz. They were fairly evenly balanced between SSB and FT8 with a sprinkling of CW. Coverage was mostly Europe and nearer Asia, but included a number of North and South American and Caribbean contacts. Colin made all his scoring contacts on 40m and 20m: all were within Europe apart from one with Oman, and all were on FT8. Ted’s scoring contacts were all on HF CW - mostly European but, like Alun, with a handful of North and South Americans. He also got a couple of particularly nice ones in the form of OX (Greenland) and ZD7 (St. Helena). Steve’s scoring contacts were, with one VHF exception, all on HF and all within Europe except for one with CN (Morocco). This leaves Peter and myself, whose scoring contacts were all on VHF this month apart from one of Peter’s which was on HF using FT8 – Peter’s first contact on that mode, and a W5 at that! He has also been experimenting with DSTAR. This makes my own efforts look distinctly mundane – just an entry in the 6m AFS contest and all on SSB…a tad downbeat for someone who much prefers CW. However I took part in the CQWW CW contest the weekend before writing this so my November entry might be a bit more upbeat…..


ENTRANT 5/18 6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 CUMULATIVE
G4LZE 110 238 218 46   54     666
G4WGE 130   165   132 163     590
G4FYF 70 78 86 70 80 62     446
G3WRR 168 42 105 24 57 36     432
G3EUE 19 53 83 42   84     281
G3ZPB 63 36 27 36 24 32     218
G8IYS   84 16           100
M0LEP 14 14 20           48
G4FFY     26           26


Colin continues to take top place, but Alun is moving up and with two months to go it will be interesting to see who takes the SRCC Club Cup.

That’s all for now – other than to note that VE3EN’s excellent website noted last week that a recent sunspot configuration showed the first signs of “next cycle” type activity. But as this sounds rather like Norman Lamont’s “first green shoots of recovery” it’s probably best not to hold your breath!


73, Quin G3WRR