SRCC League Table


The first (May) session of the SRCC League Table got things off to a promising start with seven members submitting entries, and the results are listed below.

G3WRR 56 56   168 168
G4WGE 46 38   130 130
G4LZE 55     110 110
G4FYF 34   1 70 70
G3ZPB 25 13   63 63
G3EUE 9 1   19 19
M0LEP 4   3 14 14


I am slightly embarrassed to admit to my current leadership of the table. This wasn’t a case of feeling the need to win at all costs, and is a situation that is extremely unlikely to be repeated! I took the opportunity to enter the CQ WW WPX Contest (WPX = Work Prefixes), which falls the weekend before HF CW National Field Day in order to test out the gear for NFD, and to get my CW skills back up to scratch. Despite the recent poor conditions on the HF bands as a result of being pretty close to the bottom of the current sunspot cycle, there was a surprising amount of activity on 10m, and 15m was in good shape too. This, together with the high level of activity usually associated with contests and the 50% bonus for points made in certain contests, meant that points were easily totted up. Second on the list was Alun G4WGE who also exercised himself in WPX and a fair proportion of his points came from that. Conversely the third placed entrant (Colin G4LZE) made none of his scoring contacts in contests – but interestingly a high proportion of his scoring contacts were made using FT8, one of the new digital modes which have come to the fore in the last year or two, and seems to have been showing its worth by coping well with indifferent HF conditions . Peter G3ZPB also made a significant proportion of his scoring contacts in contests but in his case they were in the VHF/UHF UK Activity Contest (UKAC) series. It was particularly good to see entries from two of our out of area members near the South coast, in the form of Ted G3EUE and Steve G4FYF. And Rick M0LEP’s contribution included three contacts with other SRCC members.

So that’s the first month – hopefully this will encourage other members to come on and give the League Table a go. We are already over half way through June, and I am hearing rumours of one of the other members (who has promised to contribute for June) having made a large number of scoring contacts on 6m via sporadic E. Should be interesting! And existing entrants should recall that all the scoring countries / Maidenhead squares than be worked again every month….                                           73, Quin G3WRR