SRCC League Table



G4LZE 69     138
G4WGE 47 17   111
G3EUE 41 12   94
G4FYF 18   1 38
G3WRR 8 8   24
G3ZPB 6   1 14
M0LEP 6     12

The leading station in the December session was Colin G4LZE with 138 points. This is the third of the eight monthly sessions in the 2018 season that he has won. In second place was Alun G4WGE with 111 points.

Colin G4LZE has again been very busy on HF FT8 – most of his QSOs were on 40m & 20m with a singleton on 30m. Most of the claimed QSOs were in Europe, but with quite a number of Asians: these were concentrated in or around the Arabian peninsula, but a couple of other nice ones were BY (China), YB (Indonesia) and 9M2 (West Malaysia).  There was also a sprinkling of North and South Americans and Africans (including 4S (Sri Lanka), a very rare prefix).

Most of Alun G4WGE’s QSOs were also on FT8, although a small proportion were made in the OK RTTY contest. Activity was mainly on the bands between 80m and 17m, with a (small) handful on 160 and 12m and nothing at all on 15m or 10m. Geographically, the contacts were nearly all within Europe but with a handful of Africans (all in the north of the continent), North Americans and Asians.

Ted G3EUE’s QSOs were all HF CW – mostly European but with a sprinkling of Africans (including 5A (Libya) and 9Q (Congo), both rather rare prefixes), North Americans, South Americans (including PJ2 (Curacao), a first for him), and Asians.

All Steve G4FYF’s contacts were intra-European on HF, Peter G3ZPB was likewise almost exclusively HF but with one “big square” claimed – and Quin G3WRR’s only foray onto the bands was on 2m for the 2m AFS contest.

Rick M0LEP was active on HF while visiting family in 5Z4 (Kenya), which he describes as “hard work” (the HF, not the family visit….). He nevertheless picked up a couple of prefixes (VK (Australia) and VU, (India)) that are quite difficult to work at present from the UK.

The dire conditions on the HF bands continue with no real sign of improvement, and the ability of FT8 to achieve DX contacts at present once again demonstrates its credentials as a weak signal mode. After Alan G0TLK’s interesting presentation on the subject at the December A meeting, I am minded to give it a try…..


And now onto the 2018 whole season results, which are presented below:

ENTRANT 5/18 6/18 7/18 8/18 9/18 10/18 11/18 12/18 CUMULATIVE
G4LZE 110 238 218 46   54 134 138 938
G4WGE 130   165   132 163 200 111 901
G3WRR 168 42 105 24 57 36 204 24 660
G3EUE 19 53 83 42   84 140 94 515
G4FYF 70 78 86 70 80 62 30 38 514
G3ZPB 63 36 27 36 24 32 26 14 258
G8IYS   84 16           100
M0LEP 14 14 20         12 60
G4FFY     26           26

It was clear based on the cumulative scores at the end of November that the end of season result was going to be a very close run thing between Colin and Alun, who were both way ahead of the rest of the pack. In the end Colin managed to slightly extend his end of November lead, winning from Alun by just 37 points (just under 4%). So, many congratulations to Colin who wins the SRCC Club Cup on its first outing in its current role, and will receive it at the AGM in April. Many thanks to all those who took part – hopefully they found the experience stimulating! It is also to be hoped that the rules changes recently published will encourage more of the membership to come on and give the 2019 season a go.

That’s all for now and see you on the bands.

73, Quin G3WRR