Packet Radio under WIN10

Hi Everyone,

After 20 years away, I decided to have another go at Packet Radio.  Of course things have moved on in that time and the “normal” MS Windows operating system is now Windows 10.  I thought other might be interested in my experience…..

Here are my initial thoughts on using WIN10 (64bit) with Packet Radio….


The 2 ways I have tried are:
1> Virtual XP – I found this is very difficult to setup and make work.  The “Hyper-V” system seems to have the possibility of working well but I suppose I wasn’t patient enough to see it through properly.  You must allow internet access and you must let the XP installation find and install all the drivers it needs and you need a valid XP Licence to run it for more than 30days.  The problem I found was the XP emulation is so “tightly controlled” that I can’t access the outside world to even install WinPack!!  I realise this is probably my fault but should be a warning to others trying it that they need to aware of the possible pitfalls.  I guess I’ve been spoilt by how easy WIN10 finds and installs drivers for peripherals (one thing that MS have got right at last!).  My XP setup knew there was a CD/DVD drive but wouldn’t read a disk in there!!!
2> PuTTY – A very simple interface with none of the “bells and whistles” of WinPack (for example) but it works…for a time!  Haven’t got to the bottom of this yet, but, after a lot of text on the screen (reading and writing messages etc), the program “locks up” and stops sending or receiving data to/from the modem; the cursor is still there but there is no keyboard entry.  Closing the program and re-opening it restores everything to life with the modem still connected to a BBS for example.  It doesn’t seem to be time-limited, because it will sit there in RX mode for much longer than in “connected and reading” mode. Not sure why yet – will report back if I find a solution.

So back to proper XP running on an older computer…
Running WinPack v6.80 – seems 100% reliable.  My PK-232 modem starts up much, much quicker with a computer baud rate set to 9600 rather than the 1200 specified in the manual!!!!

Also, of course, this means I have another (new) email address… G3ZPB…at…GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone has had success running Packet Radio under WIN10 (64bit) successfully.

73, Peter G3ZPB.


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  1. Hi Peter
    I shall have to hunt out my PK-232 box or can I do it direct to the PC from my FT847?
    I run my XP Virtual Machine under VM player rather than Hyper-V

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